Best Practices

“Best Practices Policy”

Best Practices refers to 2Hat Media’s assurance that we do not, to the best of our ability, allow content (Publishers and Advertisers) that is defamatory, racist, sexist, or is not in accordance with the laws of the United States. This concerns media (including anchor text, published URL’s and destination URL’s) to and from Publisher/Advertisers in our network.

Recommended Partners / Software Downloads and Application Programming Interfaces “API”

As additional software enhancements roll out, we may make recommendations of software that will enhance your own sites performance. Whether there is a cost to these software products or not, you will be solely responsible for the download and 2HatMedia makes no claims as to the security and/or effectiveness/efficacy of these software enhancements. 2HatMedia will make every necessary step to maintain, as a matter of policy, the effectiveness and security of its proprietary software products. In the event that a software product does not perform to specifications, or you are experiencing difficulty in implementation, download, or efficacy of the product; then you need to contact our technical support team at

“Bad Neighborhoods Clause”

We do NOT, to the best of our ability, allow sites that may cause harm or injury to the general public, whether within or outside the IP addresses located in the United States. Examples include, but are not limited to, gambling, pornography, sports betting exchanges, online pharmacies, inflammatory rhetoric, “get rich quick” schemes, “work at home” schemes, and the like.

If you, as a WebMaster / Site owner, “Observe any of these types of activities”, you may Flag, Report, or Share these activities with LinkTub in order to prevent, stop, or report these activities to authorities. LinkTub has implemented software enhancements so that the Network Community Users may report these activities to our administration department. If flagged by another User within our community, (and proven in violation) of our User Terms, you may have previously approved “Campaigns”, “Profiles”, “URL’s” and “Anchor Text” removed permanently from our system WITHOUT compensation, warning, or advisement on our policies.

Special Notice Concerning the “FTC’s Guides on the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

As a matter of policy, we DISCOURAGE and/or try to PROHIBIT “irrelevant linking” for the purposes of compensation, monetary or otherwise within the LinkTub Platform

For further “Best Practices” policies, review our statement below. We also discourage the use of reviews or endorsements, PERIOD, as a matter of policy. Our network is designed to pass link juice and SERP ranking benefits through relevant and purposeful linking to useful media to and from our Publishers and Advertisers. If you so wish to produce additional reviews and/or media around and ads placed through’s network/technology, you do so WITHOUT the expressed consent of 2Hat Media,, its affiliates, advertising partners OR the advertiser involved in the transaction through our network.

Publishers and Advertisers can inform themselves if they are acting in accordance with the FTC’s Guides on Endorsements Here

If you are still unsure whether you are in accordance, you may find useful reviews and examples of “Compensation Disclosures” Here

If you are using the LinkTub’s Network User Community to “content spam”, generate “irrelevant linking”, or to manipulate SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) through anchor text usage, your account will be terminated. This includes accessing network information through software crawlers, contacting our Publisher Community outside of our network, and anchor text usage that goes against our User Terms.

These “Offer” Terms include but are not limited to:

• “Buy Now!”
• “Guaranteed Results”
• “30% Off”
These types of Ad Placements directly contradict 2Hat Media’s policies for “Best Practices” and MAY constitute a violation of any reasonable association to a product purchase, expiring discount, or any legitimate claims of a product or service.

In other words, don’t even try it.

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