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Outsourcing for Success

Even if you do not have any professionals in your immediate area to handle the work your site requires there are opportunities to find people in other parts of your country or even the world.  But this has become a double-edged sword in the SEO world due to the nature of content becoming such a [...]

Understanding Tag Management

With the recent announcement of the Google Tag Manager a lot of SEOs are going to be a bit confused about how to use it.  Tags are of course the bits of code that appear within header tags, they identify your site to search engines and other visitors.  Being able to appropriately optimize and analyze [...]

Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 3: Finance

One of the easier niches to include current events information into is finance, because it is a veritable necessity to have the very latest news.  Without this information at their disposal a financial professional could make a mistake, and for this reason having the latest data and news is crucial.  Having a number of different [...]

New and Helpful Ways to Get That Local Website Flourishing: Blog Comments

When you or your client needs to promote a local business online there can be some pretty big questions.  For one thing there is going to be a lack of monetization in many cases due to products and services being provided in person, and this means that traffic being guided to the website is not [...]

Creating Viral Content for a Niche

When it comes to creating content that really pops no one can truly say what will be popular. Emulating or copying old trends will only draw the ire of the masses, while trying something too radical will only result in confusion. Knowing when and where to draw this line can be very difficult, and this [...]

Link Building that Increase your PageRank

Building links is an art and takes a good deal of time and patience, but constructing the connections is also the most important part of SEO. Naturally obtaining links too helps you acquire the link juice needed to rank high on the web. Building natural links is recommended over paid linking as it is easier [...]

Start a Scholarship to Grab That .edu Gem Link

Some of the most prestigious and sought after links is that of the educational website, the .edu golden ring.  When I first became interested in SEO and began learning I discovered that a link from a college or university website was very valuable, but how on Earth could you encourage them to do such a [...]

Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 2: Parenting

One of the niches that might not seem like it would benefit from the mention of current events is parenting, but in fact it can be a very effective strategy for current events writing.  This is a niche in which someone can quickly go ahead and employ their tools of research to create some really [...]

Keyword Research and Varied Content

When you go to create a website based on a certain type of niche it is vital that you not just stick to that specific brand of content.  One must make sure that they are prepared to go the extra mile and offer something that evolves.  When you choose your keywords to optimize, make sure [...]

Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 4: Gardening

While most people would not link gardening to current events, there is in fact a huge need within the niche for the two to come together.  This becomes quite obvious when one considers that the weather is always changing, and if that weather does not provide much growing potential it is important to anticipate this.  [...]