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Content Marketing Without Limits: Framework Part 1

I know that I have addressed content marketing in the past, but I felt it would be vital to explore it from the prospective of a business owner.  Before I write this guide I am going to make some assumptions, one of which is that you (or your boss) has a good of deal of [...]

Be Careful Which Directories You Utilize

In a world where submitting your website to directories has been a useful tactic we are now seeing some of these directories being penalized.  This makes keeping your eye on the directories you are submitting to especially important; the last thing you want is to have your site linked to by a site that was [...]

.EDU and .GOV Links: Good But Maybe Bad?

One of the major components of an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy is a system to obtain quality backlinks or links from other websites back to your website pages and content. The Google rating algorithm looks at links to your site to judge the quality and reliability of the information provided by your website. If [...]

Conducting an SEO Audit on the Fly

When you are looking to see what the current state of your website is it is important to conduct a thorough audit.  Starting off with a good crawl is a good idea; there are third party web crawlers available that can emulate the results of any of the large search engines.  If you have a [...]

Why Websites are Reluctant to Build Links

There is a lot of hesitation around link Building for some websites due to the fact that there is a lot of work that goes into the process. This has been reinforced by the fact that search engines do not give great results if the inbound and outbound links of a website are not appropriate [...]

10 Under-Appreciated things about Social Media

In the last decade social media has gone through a multitude of changes. It is not really known when social media really started. Some say it launched with Friendster in 2002 with over 3 million users the first month. Others say that social media sprang from AOL in 2000 with 23 million or so users. [...]

Ways to Ensure your Site is Indexed Easily

If the search engines have not indexed your site then you have either been penalized or you need to do a bit of work to get onto their radar.  The first thing you should do to find out if you are online is type your URL directly into Google, once you have done this you [...]

Building Your Social Media Influence: The Top 10

Almost every aspect of one’s life is tied to social media: personal, business, advertising, entertainment, the list goes on. However, generating an influence is no simple task. We are here to help you with ten ways to increase your social media influence: Here’s the Countdown! 10. Sign up for all available forms of social media- [...]


Here are 10 solid ways to help you understand why relevancy is imperative in your linking. Following this guide will definitely help. 1. Getting more clicks on Google – everyone wants to be on the first page of Google when a potential buyer is searching for the product they desire. Google’s search results have recently been [...]

Making Sure Your Content is Up to Snuff

Now that Google is fully invested in the scrutiny of websites that are not offering excellent content there is a very real need for your website to have the right stuff.  If there is a severe lack of high quality content or at the very least serviceable content, you will find that Google will not [...]