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Developing the Recipe for Good LinkBait

The Surfer Model – a Paradigm for Link Building When you are creating organic links, you learn as you go along what methods work and what approaches need a bit of adjustment. As far as the search engines go, links are the highways and byways that show how each “stop” or “page” along the way [...]

7 Reasons to Fear Links

Back links are an important part of any website design, but Google and other search engines look where each link comes from and how relevant it is to a source. Neither company reveals the details of how it determines its search engine rankings, but the rankings often wind up very close to each other. A [...]

Small Budget SEO – Time versus Money

One of the most common questions I hear from people is how much money it takes to create a profitable website.  They want to know what the bare minimum is going to be to achieve even a couple hundred dollars a month worth of ad revenue.  My answer to this question is always going to [...]

Keeping Organic Traffic High After Launching

While it has been the goal of many to simply get their website out there and get the traffic pumping in, the simple fact is that not everyone is inclined to stay.  Even worse than this is that many are just disappearing fairly quickly after dropping by.  If a user is not inclined to spend [...]

3-D Printer and the Frontline of SEO

For those who are not aware there is currently a device called a 3-D Printer in the marketplace that can create any number of different objects from plastic, metal or both. These devices have successfully created everything from belt buckles to plastic records, and we are still leaping forward. Making sure that you have access [...]

Encouraging Comments on Your Articles

One of the most important aspects of content marketing is the creation and syndication of articles, a type of marketing that involves a whole lot of time and money.  Although it is no guarantee that someone will actually receive any boost in traffic, if the content is unique and useful there is a very good [...]

Tackling the Twitter Monster

Unlike Facebook many people do not enjoy using Twitter for marketing simply because it is not as easy to get noticed.  While millions of people do use this website, it is not always very likely to draw attention to yourself.  Below you will find some tips on how to properly utilize this social marketing behemoth [...]

MPAA’s War With the Torrent Lords

One of the top 600 websites in the world,  Demonoid was recently shut down by the Ukranian government at the behest of the Motion Picture Association of America and other large copyright holding groups.  Many of you are now on the edge of your seats wondering “What on Earth does that have to do with [...]

Impact of Tablets on SEO

For many people the idea of the tablet went main-stream with the iPad, and for the longest time it appeared as if it was without practical function…and too many it still appears that way.  Despite this fact it appears as if the device has become yet another item without a practical reason for being, and [...]

iPhones Might Start Binging Instead of Googling

We are living in a time when Apple might just overtake Exxon to become the largest company in the world as it is steadily angling towards a valuation of a trillion dollars, and while this might not happen one thing is certain…they are here to stay.  One of the things Apple has done better than [...]