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Some Ways to Make Your Blog Stick Out

The fact that there are some 70 million WordPress blogs out there might scare some people into submission, into complete mediocrity.  But the fact is that like many things in life it does not take a whole lot to stand out from the competition online.  Much like personal advice I recently gave to someone, I [...]

Promoting Through YouTube Part 5: Maintenance and Quantifying

Of course posting videos on YouTube is not all fun and games, and you are going to need to pay for the high quality content you produce.  Unless you plan on doing everything yourself and already own the equipment, chances are that you are going to need to make an investment.  This concept is one [...]

Promoting Through YouTube Part 3: Approaches of Others

One of the very first things you will be tempted to do as you navigate YouTube is to borrow the ideas of others, and most of the time there is the opportunity to do so easily.  But it is imperative that you do not just rush into the emulation of another’s material, you really need [...]

Promoting Through YouTube Part 4: Viewer Interaction

If your viewers are commenting on your videos, then that means they are worth commenting on.  And if they are worth commenting on, then YouTube is going to take some notice.  Although this should not be your primary motivation for attempting to involve viewers, your primary motivation should be to create amazing content they want to comment [...]

Promoting Through Youtube Part 2: What is Trending

One of the very first things you should do before creating a video is to look at what is currently trending.  Often this will mean matching your niche up against what is currently going on in the world, making for some rather difficult decisions.  With regard to many of the niches out there though, you [...]

Promoting through YouTube Part 1: Forming a Plan

As we begin to move forward with our various online business endeavors the topic of marketing can often drift towards YouTube, but unfortunately there is not always a simple answer for approaching this venue.  This outlet is one of the most competitive places on the Internet, and it is so highly populated that any niche [...]

Social Blogs to Look at in 2013

The World Wide Web is akin to that bush in the yard you have to trim over and over each summer. Yes, the internet is a growing, by leaps and bounds, entity rolling downhill towards infinity. Social media brings infinity very close to home. It is web content of the people, by the people, for [...]

7 Reasons Why Links Are Like Wine Get Better With Age

The amount of time that a link points to your website matters. It matters so much that a link which points to your website has more value in terms of SEO versus a freshly made one. Search engines like Google have hidden ways that they evaluate links by and the age of a link is [...]

Starting Slow With Linkbuilding

Link building is one of the most important aspects in a site’s ranking on search engines. SEO also mandates keyword density and relevance on individual sites, but link building is just as important- most professionals consider it MORE important. Many people turn towards link building with that in mind, but the process itself is daunting: [...]

Gaining an Edge on Facebook Part 5: Incentives to Post and Like

One of the easiest (but more expensive) ways to encourage comments on your Facebook page is to provide incentives.  Things like a product discount can go a long way in encouraging someone to comment on one of your posts, making it highly likely that you can make a difference in its popularity.  Make sure that [...]