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Some PPC Insights

If you are looking at when and where PPC might be applicable to the efforts and strategies of your clients, then you might want to consider the market as a whole.  There are a number of different niches out there that have become incredibly competitive, and at the top of that list is finance.  Any [...]

Dealing with the Need to Take Space on an SEO Project

Like anything else you might run into the need to take space during an SEO project, the simple fact is that there are just too many things on our mind at any given moment, and eventually that will lead to the need for a break.  Even though we have a million people shouting orders at [...]

Unconventional Outreach and Forums

Forums are a very funny and fickle beast to tangle with, and if you go in unprepared you will be laughed at and probably banned.  One must always love the niche of the forum they are posting in, a gardener should not be posting in a web design forum, and the opposite is also true.  [...]

Places for Difficult Niche Content Inspiration

Writers block, a lack of inspiration, general frustration…all of these things are experienced by those who are active within the creative process.  Any of us that acts outside of a hamster wheel can relate to the need to be inspired in order to create content that is worth while.  The simplest way to find like-minded [...]

Local Search Infographic

Source: via LocalResults on Pinterest

Impacts from the EMD Algorithm

Knowing whether or not you are going to be impacted by this new algorithm would be a very good bit of knowledge, because there could be some serious trouble for your clients on the horizon.  The amount of trouble that could end up arising from these updates could be catastrophic for certain websites.  EMDs or [...]

Break Up Your Anchor Text for Better Results

The backbone of interior linking strategies relies heavily on how a website organizes their anchor texts. The best webpages today, do not just jumble their SEO efforts into one stream of links, they have figured out how to implement them into their writing for the best results possible. If you have been wondering how to [...]

Google’s Disavow Tool and You

Deciding whether or not to employ the soon to be infamous Google Disavow tool is not going to be an easy decision for anyone, but in some cases it is definitely going to be a necessary evil.  This tool is both a scalpel and an axe (kind of like an SEO Swiss Amputation Kit), and therefore [...]

Reviewing Other Local Businesses in a Positive Light

On your own site and elsewhere you have the opportunity to draw praise from other local businesses, and it is done by leaving positive reviews.  While you should not lie about how good they might be, it is important that you not expect any sort of positive results if you are leaving a poor review.  [...]

SEOMoz Infographic on Rich Snippets

Visual Guide to Rich Snippets on SEOmoz created by BlueGlass Interactive.