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Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 2: Parenting

One of the niches that might not seem like it would benefit from the mention of current events is parenting, but in fact it can be a very effective strategy for current events writing.  This is a niche in which someone can quickly go ahead and employ their tools of research to create some really [...]

Keyword Research and Varied Content

When you go to create a website based on a certain type of niche it is vital that you not just stick to that specific brand of content.  One must make sure that they are prepared to go the extra mile and offer something that evolves.  When you choose your keywords to optimize, make sure [...]

Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 4: Gardening

While most people would not link gardening to current events, there is in fact a huge need within the niche for the two to come together.  This becomes quite obvious when one considers that the weather is always changing, and if that weather does not provide much growing potential it is important to anticipate this.  [...]

Some Great Ways to Encourage Customer Feedback: Part 1

For a good many businesses online there is a lot of need for feedback, whether it is to correct a mistake, or to see what other products they might want.  This feedback can save a company tons of money in research, because it puts the work on the consumers.  This is one of the many [...]

New and Helpful Ways to Keep Your Local Blog Flourishing: Guest Blogging

Among the more effective places to take your local business SEO clients is guest blogging, especially if they enjoy writing and have a passion for their niche.  This is an opportunity that your clients can take advantage of quite easily, provided that there has been a good rapport established with the blog owner.  The chance [...]

How to Create Amazing Customer Service

By running any sort of business, it becomes immediately evident that you need to have a solid customer service policy in place.  Without a good policy you could quickly find that your customer retention numbers go into the toilet.  This is never something you want to encourage, so take the time to go ahead and [...]

Creating the Best Content You Can: Part 1

It certainly goes without saying by now that “Content is King”, but some people still do not understand exactly what that means.  Well, for starters it means that you need to be creating something news worthy from time to time.  Something that will literally grab and hold the attention of whoever is reading it, and [...]