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Content Marketing Without Limits: Framework Part 1

I know that I have addressed content marketing in the past, but I felt it would be vital to explore it from the prospective of a business owner.  Before I write this guide I am going to make some assumptions, one of which is that you (or your boss) has a good of deal of time and/or money to invest in your marketing campaign.  If not, then this is going to be a rather un-realistic way to approach your marketing needs.  For those who have the budgets necessary this is one of the most effective prongs in your marketing pitchfork, and one should take care to straighten it.  Rest assured that if you are targeting high-value keywords

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This type of marketing begins and ends with one word “quality”, and if you are not willing to invest the time and money necessary to create quality content, then you need to not even bother with content marketing.  This is something that requires the utmost degree of dedication, because without it there is going to be a great deal of frustration, and possibly a wasted budget.  Creating a content marketing campaign that has the potential to truly take off can be priceless, and this is why so much needs to be invested in some cases.  Every campaign is different, and as such one cannot expect uniform results with an ever-changing method.  , the competition is going to be investing heavily in content marketing.  This alone necessitates that any company that is serious about a lot of exposure online needs to utilize the same plan of action.
Employing someone (or taking the role yourself) to design the entire campaign is also very important.  Someone needs to determine what the overall tone and tactics will be, in addition to the distribution method and metrics.  You can have the best content on Earth, but if it is not distributed responsibly through the right optimized channels, you could find yourself with a lot of content that has nowhere to go.  Content is only as effective as the number of eyes laid upon it, so the distribution process needs to be given just as much attention and resources as content creation.  Having personnel who are experienced with syndicating this sort of content are not very hard to find, but they do not work for peanuts and for good reason.

Bringing together all of the pieces into a cohesive advertising process is not an easy thing to do, and allowing someone with little to no experience to execute such a plan would not be a good idea.  Innovative brainstorming necessitates the use of more than one team member if the best results are to be achieved.  And of course this means that you are going to need to employ a team of several people in order to go after a significant keyword.  This does not mean that you should not attempt it, but what it does mean is that your content needs to be geared towards both traffic generation and SEO.  Having additional, highly targeted and conversion-worthy traffic is the really valuable aspect of this type of marketing, so utilize it.

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