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Building Your Social Media Influence: The Top 10

Almost every aspect of one’s life is tied to social media: personal, business, advertising, entertainment, the list goes on. However, generating an influence is no simple task. We are here to help you with ten ways to increase your social media influence:

Here’s the Countdown!

10. Sign up for all available forms of social media– It is very important to spread one’s influence across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, Flickr, blogs, and many more depending on your subject area.

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9. Determine Your Niche – In order to attract a following, a specialty should be decided upon. Attempting to cover all interest areas can lead to a diminished following.

8. Maintain Consistency – Make sure to have the same theme and message across all of your accounts.

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7. Don’t be afraid to go out on a Ledge – Sure you may get shot down, but that’s part of life. Dust yourself off and try again.

6. Start a blog/podcast – Both of these will take a little longer to create, but provide a larger platform to go more in-depth on your message.

5. Develop Meaningful Contacts– Do your best to ensure that your following is

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composed of real followers, not bots, who are interested in your topic. A good source to eliminate fake followers is

4. Handle Issues Quickly – The best way to overcome those who may attack you or complain about you is to take action as quickly as possible.

3. Stay Active – Given the excitement, it is easy to get started with social media. However, it is far harder to keep it up. Consistently deliver content to maintain and grow your followers.

2. Stay on Top of Current Events – Nowadays, everyone wants their information and they want it faster. Be the first to get it to them. Using Hastags (#) helps get ahead of trend, including using these within your Account Profiles!

1. Give to Get – It is a simple truth that people will show interest in you, when you show interest in them. Make the first move and interact with others in order to get them to interact with you.

Good luck and go build your influence!

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