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New and Helpful Ways to Get That Local Website Flourishing: Blog Comments

When you or your client needs to promote a local business online there can be some pretty big questions.  For one thing there is going to be a lack of monetization in many cases due to products and services being provided in person, and this means that traffic being guided to the website is not [...]

Link Building that Increase your PageRank

Building links is an art and takes a good deal of time and patience, but constructing the connections is also the most important part of SEO. Naturally obtaining links too helps you acquire the link juice needed to rank high on the web. Building natural links is recommended over paid linking as it is easier [...]

Keyword Research and Varied Content

When you go to create a website based on a certain type of niche it is vital that you not just stick to that specific brand of content.  One must make sure that they are prepared to go the extra mile and offer something that evolves.  When you choose your keywords to optimize, make sure [...]

Creating the Best Content You Can: Part 1

It certainly goes without saying by now that “Content is King”, but some people still do not understand exactly what that means.  Well, for starters it means that you need to be creating something news worthy from time to time.  Something that will literally grab and hold the attention of whoever is reading it, and [...]

Some More Tips for Client Retention

If you are like any other SEO firm, one of the most important parts of the business is going to be retaining clients going forward.  There must be a constant and innovative effort to keep clients happy at all times, and when there is a problem it must become a top priority.  If you start [...]

Dealing with the Need to Take Space on an SEO Project

Like anything else you might run into the need to take space during an SEO project, the simple fact is that there are just too many things on our mind at any given moment, and eventually that will lead to the need for a break.  Even though we have a million people shouting orders at [...]

Impacts from the EMD Algorithm

Knowing whether or not you are going to be impacted by this new algorithm would be a very good bit of knowledge, because there could be some serious trouble for your clients on the horizon.  The amount of trouble that could end up arising from these updates could be catastrophic for certain websites.  EMDs or [...]

Break Up Your Anchor Text for Better Results

The backbone of interior linking strategies relies heavily on how a website organizes their anchor texts. The best webpages today, do not just jumble their SEO efforts into one stream of links, they have figured out how to implement them into their writing for the best results possible. If you have been wondering how to [...]

Google’s Disavow Tool and You

Deciding whether or not to employ the soon to be infamous Google Disavow tool is not going to be an easy decision for anyone, but in some cases it is definitely going to be a necessary evil.  This tool is both a scalpel and an axe (kind of like an SEO Swiss Amputation Kit), and therefore [...]

SEOMoz Infographic on Rich Snippets

Visual Guide to Rich Snippets on SEOmoz created by BlueGlass Interactive.