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Hunting the Great Mashable Link

If you are on the lookout for some great links, then chances are you have desired a prime spot on Mashable at some point.  This post is going to outline a strategy that could be employed to gain these links.  Of course there are no guarantees, but this is definitely one of those endeavors that [...]

Proper Promoting with Social Media

As time goes on social media is playing a more and more critical role in the successful marketing of various websites.  Whether it is a restaurant, a bookstore or a website that supplies financial news reaching out to people is very important.  There are a variety of niche-specific ways in which these sites need to [...]

Reviewing Other Local Businesses in a Positive Light

On your own site and elsewhere you have the opportunity to draw praise from other local businesses, and it is done by leaving positive reviews.  While you should not lie about how good they might be, it is important that you not expect any sort of positive results if you are leaving a poor review.  [...]

Manage Your Content Vs. Links

The content of the site and the number back links it receives are important to a site’s search engine optimization. Links within an article can help increase the site’s traffic, but they have nothing to do with where an article will come up in a search engine’s results. Content producers need to strike a balance [...]

Promoting Through YouTube Part 5: Maintenance and Quantifying

Of course posting videos on YouTube is not all fun and games, and you are going to need to pay for the high quality content you produce.  Unless you plan on doing everything yourself and already own the equipment, chances are that you are going to need to make an investment.  This concept is one [...]

Promoting Through YouTube Part 3: Approaches of Others

One of the very first things you will be tempted to do as you navigate YouTube is to borrow the ideas of others, and most of the time there is the opportunity to do so easily.  But it is imperative that you do not just rush into the emulation of another’s material, you really need [...]

Promoting Through YouTube Part 4: Viewer Interaction

If your viewers are commenting on your videos, then that means they are worth commenting on.  And if they are worth commenting on, then YouTube is going to take some notice.  Although this should not be your primary motivation for attempting to involve viewers, your primary motivation should be to create amazing content they want to comment [...]

Promoting Through Youtube Part 2: What is Trending

One of the very first things you should do before creating a video is to look at what is currently trending.  Often this will mean matching your niche up against what is currently going on in the world, making for some rather difficult decisions.  With regard to many of the niches out there though, you [...]

Promoting through YouTube Part 1: Forming a Plan

As we begin to move forward with our various online business endeavors the topic of marketing can often drift towards YouTube, but unfortunately there is not always a simple answer for approaching this venue.  This outlet is one of the most competitive places on the Internet, and it is so highly populated that any niche [...]

Social Blogs to Look at in 2013

The World Wide Web is akin to that bush in the yard you have to trim over and over each summer. Yes, the internet is a growing, by leaps and bounds, entity rolling downhill towards infinity. Social media brings infinity very close to home. It is web content of the people, by the people, for [...]