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Some Great Ways to Encourage Customer Feedback: Part 1

For a good many businesses online there is a lot of need for feedback, whether it is to correct a mistake, or to see what other products they might want.  This feedback can save a company tons of money in research, because it puts the work on the consumers.  This is one of the many [...]

How to Create Amazing Customer Service

By running any sort of business, it becomes immediately evident that you need to have a solid customer service policy in place.  Without a good policy you could quickly find that your customer retention numbers go into the toilet.  This is never something you want to encourage, so take the time to go ahead and [...]

Holding an Angry Client’s Hand

We have all sat down with clients who want to hand us a couple thousand dollars expecting amazing results, and we are promptly mandated to set the record straight.  The business we are in is marketing, we are not in the business of guarantees (outside of the content we create), we are in the business [...]

Some PPC Insights

If you are looking at when and where PPC might be applicable to the efforts and strategies of your clients, then you might want to consider the market as a whole.  There are a number of different niches out there that have become incredibly competitive, and at the top of that list is finance.  Any [...]

3-D Printer and the Frontline of SEO

For those who are not aware there is currently a device called a 3-D Printer in the marketplace that can create any number of different objects from plastic, metal or both. These devices have successfully created everything from belt buckles to plastic records, and we are still leaping forward. Making sure that you have access [...]

iPhones Might Start Binging Instead of Googling

We are living in a time when Apple might just overtake Exxon to become the largest company in the world as it is steadily angling towards a valuation of a trillion dollars, and while this might not happen one thing is certain…they are here to stay.  One of the things Apple has done better than [...]

Meeting New Bloggers on Meetup.com

No, I promise I am posting this article to the right blog, and yes dear readers you are indeed in the right place.  One of the very best places to meet bloggers with similar interests to your own is indeed the website known as Meetup.com.  This website is an amazing resource where someone can really [...]