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Content Marketing Without Limits: Building a Syndication Network – Part 3

For the purposes of time and simplicity I am going to refer to general terms where places to post your content to are concerned, because every situation is going to be different.  This is due to the fact that different marketers are going to have different avenues they prefer going down, which is why this person needs to be competent and confident in their abilities.  Established, trusted relationships within the online publishing communities this person strides through need to be in solid shape.  They need to have the ability to promote the website in question, while also providing top notch content, and this is a fine line to walk sometimes.  Creating content that walks this line is yet another reason that many people do not succeed in content marketing, and much to the contrary they fall flat.


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English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, let us look at some techniques that the pros use in order to get content out there in a way that is going to evoke some response from readers (meaning participating in a conversation, and possibly a conversion).  One of the most obvious ways to rope someone into a discussion is to be provocative (notice I did not say passive-aggressive), attack peoples’ boredom, not their opinions.  Rouse the reader or participants of a forum, or whatever the case might be into noticing what you are posting.  The content should be great too, but the initial premise must be something that grabs someone and pulls them right in.

Some of the best places to post these sorts of pieces will be articles syndication websites like, and this is because they go the extra mile to promote your content.  This makes a huge difference when it comes to saving time and money; by helping you they are helping themselves.  Looking for these sorts of situations can sometimes be a bit difficult, but eventually they will present themselves, but only with consistent quality craft.  Putting up 3 really good articles and then never going back to it again simply wastes the time of the first 3 articles prepared. Remember, people want to come back and check out whatever you have to say time and time again.

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With Ezinearticles someone needs to establish a good reputation with the site, and then their articles will gain more notoriety and traffic.  Other websites have similar styles of validation for their authors, so one can go ahead and reach out to many different places in order to spread your content as far as possible.

Some forums and social media websites will be really effective with one niche as opposed to another, and remembering this is incredibly important.  Much like the article websites mentioned earlier it is vital to establish an identity on any forum you are participating in.  But it has to be more than an identity, it has to be an authoritative position in which you are able to gain some trust from forum members.  If you are seen as an exclusive marketer or “outsider” then you are going to either be banned from the forum or seen as a hindrance.  Moving forward with your social media accounts is going to be a similar idea as well.  Attempt to gain credibility, and always look for new ways to offer your followers something of value to gain their attention.

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