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Content Marketing Without Limits: Content Generation – Part 2

So you have your team gathered and excited to begin, where does this leave the content side of things?  It leaves them needing to create exciting, relevant and search-optimized content, no matter how boring the subject matter might be.  If the company you are promoting happens to chase movie stars around then content generation won’t be too hard, but if you are promoting a plumbing company, marketing teams could begin to scratch their heads.  It is at this point that many people will begin to go with any option they come across, and this will be the first mistake made.  No corners can be cut on this campaign whatsoever, it is vital that the content creators realize this from the get go, and always create high-quality content.

A Plumber at work.

A Plumber at work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let us take the plumbing niche as an example for the sake of this discussion, and attempt to create a “topic tree” that will give us some high-quality link bait.

1.) Plumbing and Health

2.) Plumbing and Architecture

3.) Plumbing and the Monthly Budget

4.) Plumbing DIY

Now, these are all very broad topics, and not all of them are terribly exciting, but there is a lot of latitude for content marketing.  By selecting just one item from this topic tree you can begin to see a correlation between the things chosen and some rather exciting topics.  I think having a look at how plumbing can relate to health would be a good idea; we will begin to see some significant opportunities in a variety of different related niches and social media circles.

One of the ways in which plumbing impacts one’s health is that if there is a leak it could allow mold to grow, so run with that.  Begin seeking out and addressing how a family can address mold, fight it, and have their plumbing fixed.  This might seem like a rather small area to concentrate on (and it is), but in a world full of people someone will be searching for it.  If you are promoting a local plumbing business for the keyword “Minneapolis Plumber”, then you can begin locally addressing the problem to lure in potential clients.

The social media aspect of this would be to begin offering advice for how to deal with mold from a plumbing standpoint in Facebook posts.  People are certain to ask questions (assuming you have some follows), and as a result you can begin to provide some valuable information.  Think about it for a second, when someone helps you out (assuming they have reasonable prices), you are more likely to take your business to them, and the story is no different on the Internet.  Ultimately the goal of content marketing is to establish both credibility and a rapport with prospective clients, so never lose focus of this!


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