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Creating the Best Content You Can: Part 1

It certainly goes without saying by now that “Content is King”, but some people still do not understand exactly what that means.  Well, for starters it means that you need to be creating something news worthy from time to time.  Something that will literally grab and hold the attention of whoever is reading it, and this is one of the most difficult things to achieve right now.  The world is literally covered with great content, because Google has made that the necessity these days.  While that is a great thing for the end user, as website owners and marketing teams we really need to step up our game in a big way.

There cannot be a time limit on how much time we spend creating something of value, it simply cannot be the case anymore.  We need to create things of value for site visitors with utter abandon, there cannot be anything held back.  We really need to step up our game in this arena, and begin to create things that people actually want to have in their feed.  If you would not be excited to see the things you create, why would anyone else want to see it?  This single fact is something that you must forward, because otherwise you are looking at a complete waste of your resources.

We are not just talking about the written word here either; you need to implement a whole new strategy that incorporates a variety of different media.  There is a very real need to ensure that you have taken it upon yourself to create something that other people will buzz about.  If it is not buzz worthy, then you are looking a potential issue going forward with your content campaign.  In no time at all you should be able to find a middle ground of affordable content and worthwhile consumption rates.  It is just a matter of finding the killer content that is applicable to a given niche, but unfortunately sometimes that is easier said than done.

When looking at an especially “dry” industry like plumbing we can definitely find ourselves scratching our head, biting out nails, and kicking the office room wastebasket across the floor.  It is just something that is not interesting to anyone, until you consider what it might end up costing someone to wait too long to have their pipes examined.  This is a very important aspect of the business, and one that needs to be taken seriously by any homeowner.  Bad pipes can burst or worse, leaving the homeowner in a place they most certainly do not want to be in.  Create a video about it, quote some statistics, and use the employees of the company you are promoting in these materials wherever possible.  If you follow these simple guidelines you should be able to find a solution to your content dry spell pretty quickly.

Plumbing is one solution, but another good one would be a yarn store.  Yes, it is going to be kind of hard at first to come up with exciting content for a yarn store, but with a bit of tenacity some things will come to you.  First of all you can create some knitting videos, while this is an obvious way to go it is not always something people do right.  Anything you put on Youtube needs to at least have some production value, so take it seriously when you post.  The best content you can create does not have to be expensive or even “large” though; it can be something quite minimal.

In the case of yarn and knitting one could create a checklist for a certain type of knitting, or even a step-by-step guide with simple illustrations.  These sorts of things end up Pinterest and other huge sites all the time, and in fact they make a huge splash.  This sort of exposure is something that cannot be taken for granted if you want to have a real impact on your SERP and your traffic in general.

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