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Creating Viral Content for a Niche

When it comes to creating content that really pops no one can truly say what will be popular. Emulating or copying old trends will only draw the ire of the masses, while trying something too radical will only result in confusion. Knowing when and where to draw this line can be very difficult, and this is why a lot of viral content seems to be so random.

ForĀ many people out there the real draw here is that there is an opportunity to create something that can be shared with the entire world, and often any advertising value is an afterthought. The adage “content is king” is especially true where viral messages and content are concerned. This can quite often make for some interesting things coming to the surface of the web. Those who decide to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented by the potential viral content can hold stand to benefit a great deal.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing (Photo credit: Mark McLaughlin)

The most important thing to do when attempting to make something go viral that is related directly to your business is to make it original. Having something new and fresh that offers something of value; that is to say, something of value to the person who is exposed to it will make it a lot easier to link to. People want to share things with their friends and family that are fun or exciting, and not just another commercial. This is where viral marketing can be rather loosely connected to a business so long as it can be assumed that a visitor to the target site would likely find the information useful or entertaining.

A great example would be a series of training or how to videos for breeding different types of roses for a website that promotes gardening equipment. While it might seem like the two subjects are only loosely related the value of the content being presented negates the need for a concrete connection.

Viral content often fails to promote the business it is aimed at because of the loose connection, and this can make for some very far reaching implications. Taking the time to adequately address the issue of finding material that will be suitable for promoting a certain type of product will make it possible to create not only more web traffic, but also more conversions in the long run. So make sure that everything is in place to exploit this opportunity in a way that will appeal to the masses without seeming gimmicky. There are a number of different people on the web who specialize in this type of marketing, and often their services are quite affordable. Considering the possible ROI; this is one type of marketing that needs to be addressed by anyone who desires a web presence.


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