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Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 2: Parenting

One of the niches that might not seem like it would benefit from the mention of current events is parenting, but in fact it can be a very effective strategy for current events writing.  This is a niche in which someone can quickly go ahead and employ their tools of research to create some really great articles for parents.  Things such as new teaching or developmental techniques fit great into this niche, so do not be afraid to branch out!  Look for anything that is appropriate and exciting, and then take the time to cultivate it into an article that will lure in your readers.

Cover of Parenting

Cover of Parenting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no way to know for sure whether or not your readers will dig what you are posting, but if it is not accurate or somewhat exciting, then you can rest assured that it will fall on deaf ears.  Things such as hot new clothing for the Christmas season, or any number of other things that pertain to one’s parental duties will always be popular.  It is just a matter of determining what will be popular with your particular audience, and then you can begin developing content for them.  When in doubt have a look at the current events being covered by other websites like yours, and then you can get a clear picture of how you need to move forward (just write your own content, never plagiarize).

News that is important to kids is also very important, anything that a parent can use to relate to their child is very important.  Whether it is some new gaming technology that is coming out, or maybe some news about a University.  Anything to do with the current way in which a kid gets around or has fun, so do not worry about this too much.  Ensuring that everything is going to be great for both parent and child is not always possible, but when it is you know you have hit a rare opportunity.  Having guest commentators to cover the various news stories that might have to do with children is important, because you cannot possibly know what is going on everywhere.

Movie releases and a whole lot of entertainment announcements are great for parents, because children are some of the most ravenous consumers of entertainment.  In no time at all you should be able to figure out which of these announcements is worthwhile and which ones are not news worthy.  Every website is different, and knowing your audience is going to be a huge part of this particular challenge.  It is going to take someone a few minutes every day to read about what is trending in Google, and how that might impact parents and their children.  So, be sure that whoever you have writing this material is competent enough to keep their eye on more than one news outlet.  Once you gain reputation for knowing what is hot, you should pick up a whole lot of love from parents.

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