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Encouraging Comments on Your Articles

One of the most important aspects of content marketing is the creation and syndication of articles, a type of marketing that involves a whole lot of time and money.  Although it is no guarantee that someone will actually receive any boost in traffic, if the content is unique and useful there is a very good chance of it being linked to and link juiced up.  Such a goal is not unrealistic if you have the right the right content in the right places, but what about what comes next?  An article that has user feedback (comments) is a lot more noticeable to the search engines, making this a vital goal of the process for anyone who is looking to maximize their investment.

Comments are important for a wide variety of reasons, but among the most important are that comments can add to your article.  Other users can add things to your article that you omitted, or maybe even end up correcting something you had wrong.  While it might seem like an insult to some to be corrected, if you take it in stride and participate in the discussion respectfully it can up the credit of your article.  Such an attitude is critical in encouraging an open rapport with readers, which is something that is highly desirable if you want to increase your traffic.  There is no telling what sort of popularity you could encourage if you become known as a destination for intelligent debate, so encourage it!

Keep it as easy as possible for people to add comments, especially where things such as your captcha are concerned.  Unless you really need to have such a security feature, then do not use one.  Many people will simply abandon their comment if a captcha is involved, leaving a great opportunity wasted.

Give your comment button a prominent position on the page, do not push it down so far that people need to scroll down to comment.  Have a button available just under the post in order to leave a comment.

If you are very insistent about not allowing anonymous comments on your page by un-registered users, then it is important that you have the option to login with a social networking account such as Facebook.  This cuts down on the need for users to go through a registration process, making the whole thing a lot easier to go through.

Gauge the effectiveness and value of your commenters by assigning them titles and values.  New Poster vs. Veteran Poster can have a large impact on the way in which someone perceives their status on a blog.  This can encourage them to achieve a higher status going forward, kind of like an RPG.

Responding to comments left on your articles will go a long way in helping you to encourage them to respond in kind.  Do not be afraid to jump into the fray when dialogue is started, and always try to stay as impartial as possible.

Using someone’s email address responsibly with regard to blog comments is another way to encourage that they comment in kind.  Such emails should be sent when someone’s comment is responded to by another person.

Finally it is important to set up a Google Analytics tool to help you gauge the value and progress of the comments on your blog.  It will go a long way in helping to keep everything moving forward with the techniques that work the best.

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