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Gaining an Edge on Facebook Part 2: The Competition

One of the fastest ways to developing a successful campaign on Facebook is to examine the efforts of others, while it might not always be the most original way to go, it is definitely one of the most effective.  You can see and emulate the ideas of other websites and companies without a problem, often encouraging the same results they have received.  Such a move can sometimes be seen as a bit of a cop out to some, but luckily there is not usually a reason to worry too much about any negative consequences.  Borrowing an idea is no big deal; just try to change things up a bit when you do.

Let us assume that your website is related to a niche that will be making posts fairly regularly, something like a news-related website.  If this is the case then you need to make posts regularly that are relevant to current events, and also go ahead and make the effort to encourage community involvement.  The way that many people accomplish this is to ask interesting questions, things pertaining to their opinion and the choices they would make.  This in turn encourages people to comment on their posts, making for a very effective way to have a conversation.  And those who choose to answer your questions will share the post on their friends’ feeds, creating the opportunity for your exposure to grow that much more.

If you happen to be a product review site promoter, then you should really consider asking for suggestions about what visitors want you to review.  This input can act as a reliable guide for what visitors want, and also act as a supplement for your creative department.  Ultimately this can save you a lot of research, and prevent from making mistakes that amount to stabbing in the dark.  The prevention of unnecessary mistakes is what researching the competition is all about, you can learn from the mistakes others have made.  And you can also capitalize on their success, making the reading of others’ posts a very good idea.  Subscribing to the most successful companies’ Facebook feeds in your niche will give you a clear window into what is going on.

Changing the wording and specific questions you ask is vital though, and will make a huge difference in your credibility.  Copying and pasting the questions posed by the competition will not be looked on fondly, and as a result could seriously dampen your day.  Creating the opportunity for someone to weigh in on a post they feel is pertinent or valuable is also vital, so if you find an emotive post made by the competition, then you need to adapt it to your page.  Of course there are no hard and fast rules for creating a marketing strategy, so be prepared to have some posts that are not well received.  These posts are often going to involve taking a risk once in a while, so go with it.

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