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Hunting Down Guest Posts of the Competition

When you spot a rival that is gunning for the same area of the web keyword-wise that you are,  it is a good idea to see what sort of guest posting they might be doing.  The easiest way to do this is to go ahead and copy/paste their byline (many use the exact same one on every post) and post it into Google.  Once this is accomplished you can begin to go after the exact same blogs they are, and with any luck take down some really easy links.  Of course this is not a guarantee, but chances are that if they managed to get through the door then you can too.

This is the same sort of approach many use to chase down the hosts of competitor links, and it is often quite successful.  Taking this sort of approach is actually not as competitive in the eyes of your rivals as you might think, and they will not (usually) resent you for it.  In fact many of the places people guest post welcome new posters, and like it or not many of the other same people arrived the exact same way you did.  Knowing this it becomes a whole lot more reasonable to chase down the leads put down by the competition.  As is the case anywhere else you need to be professional and put on a great face for any website you are representing with your posts.

When you write a high-quality piece that is not regurgitated content that offers something of value, chances are that readers will click the link.  The click through needs to be an area of consideration, because while it is not the only goal it certainly does need to be on the list,

English: Graph of social media activities

English: Graph of social media activities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

otherwise many opportunities could be lost.  There are a whole lot of different ways this particular type of approach can progress, so make sure that you are prepared to take advantage of every opportunity to get the most out of your post.  Catering each post to the individual site, and also looking at the tone of that site, will help out a great deal in encouraging a higher number of click through traffic.

This is also a way to expand your overall community, and tell people about certain promotions you might have.  Mentioning your Facebook page or other social media accounts will go a long way in assisting your ability draw new followers.  For this reason it is important to be as enthusiastic as possible when posting, and get personal with those who respond to you.  Take a moment to respond to comments, and never be afraid to have discussions with those who ask you questions.  Coming off as a helpful or authoritative voice on the Internet never hurts, and a lot of the time that is exactly how many people turn out to be successful on their campaigns.  Taking each post as an opportunity to reach out to the world around you (and within your niche) is something to keep right at the front of your mind

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