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Link Building that Increase your PageRank

Building links is an art and takes a good deal of time and patience, but constructing the connections is also the most important part of SEO. Naturally obtaining links too helps you acquire the link juice needed to rank high on the web.

Building natural links is recommended over paid linking as it is easier to garner approval from the search engines and increases your credibility. The major search engines, especially Google, do not add much worth to the inclusion of paid links on your website. Therefore, the following information can help you construct your own hierarchy of links so you can ultimately see an increased ranking in the SERPs.

Only Links that Directly Relate to your Vertical should be Included. If your site is primarily concerned with selling a specific product, then you will want to create links that have the same theme. Building links that are not specific to your site’s theme or topic is therefore not recommended. The idea is to keep your focus on a definitive group in your market.

Nofollow linking is Part of Building Credible Links. Despite the fact that NoFollow links are not supposed to add value with respect to PageRank, they should still be included in your link building efforts as they are still worthwhile and therefore help in increasing the trustworthiness of your site. Google assigns a certain amount of value to specific links. As a result, even NoFollow links can be included as a part of the link architecture.

Anchor Text is Important to Linking to your Site, so Vary the Text of the Hyperlink. Anchor texts are used by the search engines to determine the direction of your link. In search engine optimization then, it is a good idea to use the page title or name of your domain with keywords included to optimize your rankings. In addition, the text for the hyperlink can include motivational messages, such as “for further details,” or “click here” – words to encourage potential customers to click through the site and increase the level of interest.

You should not be shy about using anchor texts as they can definitely help you see better search engine results. Anchor texts are exceptionally useful in helping increase your site’s authority and popularity. The links are therefore useful in defining the purpose for your site as well as needed for linking to popular sites that are well-established. 

Obtain Available Links through Blogging. One of the ways you can obtain links is through a review site, such as Sponsored Reviews although you have to pay for the service. However, it is still a great way to create valuable links as the reviews are written by bloggers who place the content on their sites.

Whether your write the posts or you have someone else produce the content, blogs are excellent places in which to build links as the posts are continually updated and provide salient details about your business or industry. As a result, they are valuable for increasing the link juice needed for building links that connect to sites that are authoritative and dependable resources. That kind of natural link building will definitely cause you to shine in Google’s watchful eyes.

Although the Major Search Engines do not put a lot of Credence in Paid Links, Sometimes they are Necessary. While natural link building is encouraged and paid links are not, sometimes paid links become a necessity. Remitting a subscription to a link broker can, on occasion, help you obtain a highly valuable link that will, at least, give you the boost you need in the search engine rankings.

Check out New Blogs. As mentioned, blogs are great ways to build links for your site. So, while you want to include some popular blogs in your link building efforts, you also want to focus on sites that are new too. Blogs that are creating a stir among social media networkers are sites on which you want to focus, provided they fit in with your vertical.

A Snowball Effect                                                                                                               

All these efforts, no doubt, can have a snowball effect, which, after all, is what you want link building to do.

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