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Start a Scholarship to Grab That .edu Gem Link

Some of the most prestigious and sought after links is that of the educational website, the .edu golden ring.  When I first became interested in SEO and began learning I discovered that a link from a college or university website was very valuable, but how on Earth could you encourage them to do such a thing?  Upon first glance at a college website’s content you do not often see a whole lot of links to anything other than other schools or very, very large businesses they work with.  It sure seemed at the time as if they put up a veil of silence around the prospective people they would provide links to, and I gave up on even trying.

Among the few places that someone can go ahead and receive a link from are those who provide scholarships.  By creating a scholarship any individual or organization can then create a link back to their site or a site of their choosing.  This allows for one of those ways in which someone can definitely create a link if they are willing to pay for it.  Moving forward with a scholarship can be a challenging process for those who are new to it, so make sure that either know what you are doing or have someone close by that does.  Once that is established you can begin to address the criteria of who should apply, how much to give, and what sorts of things you would like to see if they should choose to re-apply.

In time there should be the opportunity to figure out exactly who is going to be able to qualify for these scholarships, and what sorts of interactions you might want to have with them.  Since your scholarship could be directly related to your niche or field, you have the opportunity to make some amazing new connections.  Making the effort to create a chance to interact with the students you are helping will also bolster the name of your business, making for some great reputation boosts online and offline.  Just be sure that the link you give is bound by great anchor text if possible, and do not hesitate to mention if your placement on their website is not to your liking.

Creating an opportunity like this for the relatively small cost of some scholarships (several hundred dollars in some cases) is a very cost-effective approach.  Even with a modest budget this can be a wonderful way to receive an ultra high quality link, so take advantage of it if it will help your client.  Of course someone needs to monitor and conduct maintenance on the scholarship, and this should be discussed with the client beforehand.  But with some patience and hard work you should be able to get everything set up in no time.  This is one link that you cannot just forge by yourself, you are going to need client involvement and permission for certain.

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