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Start a Scholarship to Grab That .edu Gem Link

Some of the most prestigious and sought after links is that of the educational website, the .edu golden ring.  When I first became interested in SEO and began learning I discovered that a link from a college or university website was very valuable, but how on Earth could you encourage them to do such a [...]

Break Up Your Anchor Text for Better Results

The backbone of interior linking strategies relies heavily on how a website organizes their anchor texts. The best webpages today, do not just jumble their SEO efforts into one stream of links, they have figured out how to implement them into their writing for the best results possible. If you have been wondering how to [...]

Some Ways to Make Your Blog Stick Out

The fact that there are some 70 million WordPress blogs out there might scare some people into submission, into complete mediocrity.  But the fact is that like many things in life it does not take a whole lot to stand out from the competition online.  Much like personal advice I recently gave to someone, I [...]