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New and Helpful Ways to Get That Local Website Flourishing: Blog Comments

When you or your client needs to promote a local business online there can be some pretty big questions.  For one thing there is going to be a lack of monetization in many cases due to products and services being provided in person, and this means that traffic being guided to the website is not [...]

Some More Tips for Client Retention

If you are like any other SEO firm, one of the most important parts of the business is going to be retaining clients going forward.  There must be a constant and innovative effort to keep clients happy at all times, and when there is a problem it must become a top priority.  If you start [...]

Choosing Your Place in the Search Industry

If you are currently working in the search industry, it might be a good idea to consider all of your options before settling into a position that you enjoy.  Some people really enjoy working for agencies, while other people would rather prefer staying independent.  And at this point in time many of the larger companies [...]

The SEOs We Love to Hate

In every field there are going to be those you love to hate, and the SEO industry is no different.  We sure to do have a whole lot of people out there who are going to lie, cut corners and give a completely false sense of what the industry is.  Those who make grandiose promises [...]

Promoting through YouTube Part 1: Forming a Plan

As we begin to move forward with our various online business endeavors the topic of marketing can often drift towards YouTube, but unfortunately there is not always a simple answer for approaching this venue.  This outlet is one of the most competitive places on the Internet, and it is so highly populated that any niche [...]

Gaining an Edge on Facebook Part 5: Incentives to Post and Like

One of the easiest (but more expensive) ways to encourage comments on your Facebook page is to provide incentives.  Things like a product discount can go a long way in encouraging someone to comment on one of your posts, making it highly likely that you can make a difference in its popularity.  Make sure that [...]

Content Marketing Without Limits: Framework Part 1

I know that I have addressed content marketing in the past, but I felt it would be vital to explore it from the prospective of a business owner.  Before I write this guide I am going to make some assumptions, one of which is that you (or your boss) has a good of deal of [...]