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Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 4: Gardening

While most people would not link gardening to current events, there is in fact a huge need within the niche for the two to come together.  This becomes quite obvious when one considers that the weather is always changing, and if that weather does not provide much growing potential it is important to anticipate this.  [...]

Creating the Best Content You Can: Part 1

It certainly goes without saying by now that “Content is King”, but some people still do not understand exactly what that means.  Well, for starters it means that you need to be creating something news worthy from time to time.  Something that will literally grab and hold the attention of whoever is reading it, and [...]

Promoting Through YouTube Part 3: Approaches of Others

One of the very first things you will be tempted to do as you navigate YouTube is to borrow the ideas of others, and most of the time there is the opportunity to do so easily.  But it is imperative that you do not just rush into the emulation of another’s material, you really need [...]

Encouraging Comments on Your Articles

One of the most important aspects of content marketing is the creation and syndication of articles, a type of marketing that involves a whole lot of time and money.  Although it is no guarantee that someone will actually receive any boost in traffic, if the content is unique and useful there is a very good [...]

Content Marketing Without Limits: Building a Syndication Network – Part 3

For the purposes of time and simplicity I am going to refer to general terms where places to post your content to are concerned, because every situation is going to be different.  This is due to the fact that different marketers are going to have different avenues they prefer going down, which is why this [...]

Content Marketing Without Limits: Content Generation – Part 2

So you have your team gathered and excited to begin, where does this leave the content side of things?  It leaves them needing to create exciting, relevant and search-optimized content, no matter how boring the subject matter might be.  If the company you are promoting happens to chase movie stars around then content generation won’t [...]

Content Marketing Without Limits: Framework Part 1

I know that I have addressed content marketing in the past, but I felt it would be vital to explore it from the prospective of a business owner.  Before I write this guide I am going to make some assumptions, one of which is that you (or your boss) has a good of deal of [...]