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Understanding Tag Management

With the recent announcement of the Google Tag Manager a lot of SEOs are going to be a bit confused about how to use it.  Tags are of course the bits of code that appear within header tags, they identify your site to search engines and other visitors.  Being able to appropriately optimize and analyze [...]

New and Helpful Ways to Get That Local Website Flourishing: Blog Comments

When you or your client needs to promote a local business online there can be some pretty big questions.  For one thing there is going to be a lack of monetization in many cases due to products and services being provided in person, and this means that traffic being guided to the website is not [...]

Choosing Your Place in the Search Industry

If you are currently working in the search industry, it might be a good idea to consider all of your options before settling into a position that you enjoy.  Some people really enjoy working for agencies, while other people would rather prefer staying independent.  And at this point in time many of the larger companies [...]

The SEOs We Love to Hate

In every field there are going to be those you love to hate, and the SEO industry is no different.  We sure to do have a whole lot of people out there who are going to lie, cut corners and give a completely false sense of what the industry is.  Those who make grandiose promises [...]

Promoting Through Youtube Part 2: What is Trending

One of the very first things you should do before creating a video is to look at what is currently trending.  Often this will mean matching your niche up against what is currently going on in the world, making for some rather difficult decisions.  With regard to many of the niches out there though, you [...]