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Current Events to Boost Traffic Part 4: Gardening

While most people would not link gardening to current events, there is in fact a huge need within the niche for the two to come together.  This becomes quite obvious when one considers that the weather is always changing, and if that weather does not provide much growing potential it is important to anticipate this.  [...]

New and Helpful Ways to Keep Your Local Blog Flourishing: Guest Blogging

Among the more effective places to take your local business SEO clients is guest blogging, especially if they enjoy writing and have a passion for their niche.  This is an opportunity that your clients can take advantage of quite easily, provided that there has been a good rapport established with the blog owner.  The chance [...]

Places for Difficult Niche Content Inspiration

Writers block, a lack of inspiration, general frustration…all of these things are experienced by those who are active within the creative process.  Any of us that acts outside of a hamster wheel can relate to the need to be inspired in order to create content that is worth while.  The simplest way to find like-minded [...]