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Promoting Through Youtube Part 2: What is Trending

One of the very first things you should do before creating a video is to look at what is currently trending.  Often this will mean matching your niche up against what is currently going on in the world, making for some rather difficult decisions.  With regard to many of the niches out there though, you [...]

Developing the Recipe for Good LinkBait

The Surfer Model – a Paradigm for Link Building When you are creating organic links, you learn as you go along what methods work and what approaches need a bit of adjustment. As far as the search engines go, links are the highways and byways that show how each “stop” or “page” along the way [...]

Encouraging Comments on Your Articles

One of the most important aspects of content marketing is the creation and syndication of articles, a type of marketing that involves a whole lot of time and money.  Although it is no guarantee that someone will actually receive any boost in traffic, if the content is unique and useful there is a very good [...]

Tackling the Twitter Monster

Unlike Facebook many people do not enjoy using Twitter for marketing simply because it is not as easy to get noticed.  While millions of people do use this website, it is not always very likely to draw attention to yourself.  Below you will find some tips on how to properly utilize this social marketing behemoth [...]

Building Your Social Media Influence: The Top 10

Almost every aspect of one’s life is tied to social media: personal, business, advertising, entertainment, the list goes on. However, generating an influence is no simple task. We are here to help you with ten ways to increase your social media influence: Here’s the Countdown! 10. Sign up for all available forms of social media- [...]