Our Pricing Guidelines

For Publishers

Our Platform Provides Easy to Understand Guidelines for Pricing Each Ad
  • After submitting your domain, various SEO Metrics are displayed with the suggested price
  • If you are not happy with this price, you can always delete your submission
  • Our Administrative team always reserves the right, regardless of your SEO metrics, to Decline or Permanently Suspend any submission due to the following reason(s):
    • Existence of Malware
    • Poor content
    • Spun content
    • Irrelevant links
    • Defamatory content
    • Squeeze Pages
    • Affiliate Offer Pages
    • Blogging platforms that are not Self Hosted
The Price for Each Text Ad
  • The software will determine a price based on various metrics, if your sites improves, your payout will automatically go up on all new ads purchased in the future.
  • The same applies if you site declines in value, your payout on new ads will go down.
  • Our software crawls new metrics every month.
All Prices Set are for each Ad per month
  • You Sell 7 Ads on one URL for $20 each as Your "Publisher Price"
  • You make $140 per month
Our Broker Markups vary between 30 and 50% of the total sales price for each ad
  • Markup is at NO COST TO YOU – our software determines the price for which you will earn 100% of that payout
Ad Revenue is based on “50/50 Revenue Share” Model
  • Pricing Example:
    • If an ad is sold on your site for $100
    • You Receive $50
    • We Receive $50
    • We MAY “Price Split” OUR share with Affiliates (NO cost to you)
    • We MAY ALSO sell a $100 Ad , for $80, as an incentive or promotion (NO Cost to You)
Our Markups Vary Because Of:
  • Affiliate marketing costs
  • Promotions and Incentives

For Advertisers

Larger Advertisers Can Apply for DISCOUNT PRICING
  • Register for FREE
  • Must Submit More than One URL
  • URLs Must Be Accepted
  • Contact Us for Quotes After Submission
All Ad prices are displayed PRIOR to purchase
  • Including Pro-Rated tallies and totals for your campaign
  • Easily set your goals, keyword objectives, and budget month to month
  • All Advertisers get easy to read tools to track their progress
Upon Your First Purchase
  • All Ads, Every Time MUST be installed within 48 Hours or we will credit a refund
  • This is your Monthly Renewal Date
  • For Your Convenience - Ad Purchases Automatically are Pro-Rated to Your Renewal Date
All Ads are Renewed Automatically
  • You may cancel any ad – without question – at ANY TIME
All Mid-Month purchases are AUTOMATICALLY Pro-Rated until the end of the month
  • Your very first purchase is the monthly date that all renewals get Pro-Rated - for Example:
    • You purchase an Ad on the 20th.
    • All Ads are Pro-Rated then on the 20th.
    • 2 months later you purchase an Ad on the 1st of the month. That Ad will Pro-Rate for 20 days out of 30 for a total equalling 67% of the price of the new Ad.
All Ads are BASED on a PER MONTH basis
  • Larger accounts can inquire about price reductions for paying in advance
  • Larger accounts must be spending more than $1000 per month in Ad Spend
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